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Hailing from a skiing town in Colorado, I adore natural beauty and the exhilarating feeling of adventure. My thirst for knowledge and independence drew me to study Finance and Economics, which has opened many doors and allowed me to travel the world, but I haven’t lost my down-to-earth nature. Diversity and a keen sense to experiment are my Dogmas.

I have deep blue eyes and natural luscious blonde hair thanks to my Russian and French heritage with tattoos I have designed adorning my delicate skin. Perhaps you can explore my petite hourglass figure with your fingertips and tongue. I like to think that I am a good chef, but my true talent is in devouring desserts. Having lived on 3 continents and travelled extensively I love to explore different cultures, getting lost on surf trips, hiking, and connecting with people. Come find me enjoying local delicacies at a bustling street stall or in a 3-star Michelin restaurant. 

My priority is to establish a genuine intimate connection as our mutual pleasure is of the utmost importance to me. I relish one on one interactions and love to share special moments that make the worries of the world seem far away and fantasies become reality.




US 2


C (natural)





Non smoker

Non drinker



Biarritz, Sumatra, Squamish, Whistler, Firenze, Hong Kong, Osaka, New York, Yosemite, Chamonix

Surfing, cooking, skiing, hiking, camping, sleeping, agroforestry, architecture, gardening, DIY renovations

Monet, Ansel Adams, Kandinsky, Lloyd Wright

Tolkien, Huxley, Tennyson, Woolf

Praliné noisette, raspberries, dumplings, pasta

Red Cedar, Maples, English rose, Thyme