I have attempted to be concise and direct throughout the crucial aspects of my site which may come across as cold, but in reality demonstrates my lived experience that most cis, heterosexual men don’t read the finer details when there is a conflict in the direction of their blood supply. So, I’ve designated this particular page as a space for me to articulate myself in more detail so you can get a little more of a feel for me and hopefully answer any FAQ you may have. If you find that after reading through my ramblings that you are still unclear about anything or have some specific questions that haven’t been answered, shoot me a message.


The question of my authenticity gets brought up by some enquiring clients due to their previous experiences with misleading ads. I have invested a lot of time, energy, and money into curating my brand with this website, photo shoots, and my paid ads on other directories. It is not in my financial interest to scam people. Worst business plan ever. 


I am only available for bookings when I am on tour, therefore, if you submit a booking request for a date and/or a location that is not advertised on my website, you’re going to be disappointed. To save yourself that dickache read my current tour schedule.

On my service page, I have listed my business hours (9 am – 7 pm). Whilst sometimes these hours are flexible on an individual basis, in order to be the best version of myself, so that I can do my job to the best of my ability, I need a work/life balance. Having set hours allows me to do all the things I require in order to be happy and healthy in mind and body such as exercising, eating well, watching shit TV, talking to my family, hanging out with friends, doing absolutely nothing, and sleeping, I love sleeping, please respect this


First impressions are important, so, please take this into consideration when communicating with me. Your language and behaviour are forms of screening that determine the kind of character you possess and whether you are a person that appeals to me. If you are a new client and are on this website, then the best way to initially contact me is through my website’s booking form. Nothing sexier than seeing that form filled out. Frothing. 

My work number is advertised on the escort directories that I pay for, so, receiving sms booking enquiries from new clients is inevitable, though I will direct them to the contact form on my website as it is still the most efficient way to organise a booking. 

Once you have submitted a booking enquiry via my website I will contact you via sms or WhatsApp (depending on which number you have supplied) to confirm all the details and secure an appointment with a deposit.

FYI, I don’t answer calls. Pretty much no conversation is ever needed to organise a booking with me as all the information you require to make an enquiry is on my ads, on this website, or can be clarified via a message. If a discussion regarding an appointment is ever needed it will be initiated by me. Unfortunately, some people will still insist on calling me, so, my phone is permanently on silent during a tour so as to not interrupt the time I spend with my clients, and when I am not working I turn my work phone off. 


People of all abilities are welcome, though it is a good idea to disclose this in your initial enquiry so that I can better prepare. Communication is necessary to ensure, where appropriate, that I have access for you, and that I understand your limits (physical, nonverbal, sight, sound, etc) and any concerns or desires that you may have. 


Presents are never expected, so, please do not feel that you need to bring me anything. However, I’m routinely asked by clients how they can spoil me with something thoughtful, so, on my, “Cadeaux” page you will find some suggestions. I deeply appreciate those of you who take their time and money to give me a little more unexpected joy. You’ll notice that my gift suggestions are mostly for gift cards because as a touring escort, I really can’t carry that much! Additionally, I love the freedom of choice that gift cards give. As many of my regulars will know, I hate shopping, and so, it’s great to have the autonomy to align a gift with my desires and needs of the moment. 


I will ask you to shower and use mouthwash upon arrival, this is not negotiable and I can’t believe I need to say this but that means you need to USE the soap. If you want me to get up close and personal with your junk then you need to wash your bits and butthole with soap, otherwise I will decline service with no refund. As a general rule, please ensure your nails are clean and trimmed otherwise certain activities will be off the table. Please don’t feel like you need to remove any pubic/facial hair on my part, as long as everything is hygienic then I’m happy, though, as a personal preference, short stubble can be incredibly painful on the delicate areas.  

Before we get down to business I will perform a quick health check on you. I’m happy to provide more information on this if you feel unsure, just ask. Please note that depending on what is found, I may refuse or change the service given, with no refunds. I take my and my client’s health seriously. If you have ANY bumps, lumps, unusual odours, discharge, redness, or anything else out of the ordinary on your genitals or around your mouth, please let me know prior to our booking.

Sex workers consistently have lower rates of STI transmission than the general public, though, it’s important to understand that there will always be an element of risk when having sex with anyone. I take my sexual health very seriously as my livelihood depends on it and I’m a responsible adult, as such, I have a high level of sexual health literacy. The best way to look after your own and the broader community’s sexual health is to use barrier methods and get tested regularly if you are having sex with multiple partners as many STIs, particularly in men, can be asymptomatic. 


I speak English and French, however, I do not speak French with any clients as it is my family’s preferred language.


I have a strict no shit where I eat policy, so, I do not work where I live. As a touring sex worker, I am not “based” anywhere. Currently, these are the main cities that I work in; Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I am hoping to get to NZ in the next year, watch this space. 


Touring is exciting and fun as I get to be in different cities and meet new people frequently, however, it does involve a significant business investment on my end; namely my flights, accommodation etc. As I only tour for a few days my time is limited and I welcome same day bookings, so, I need to ensure the authenticity of appointment enquiries to avoid financial losses to keep my business viable. Therefore, I require a deposit as security for all bookings. Due to my limited time on a tour and the volume of enquiries I receive, the deposit methods I accept need to be instant, otherwise I will not accept the booking until the funds are in my account. All deposit options are discrete with an unassuming business or platform name. 

For Australian clients these are the deposit options I offer:

  • OSKO bank transfer
  • Beem it (a free app owned by the big 4 Australian banks. It allows free, instant, nonreversible payments)
  •  Credit and/or debit card payment link with a 2% surcharge

For international clients who do not have an Australian bank account or access to the Beem it app, my deposit methods are a credit/debit card payment link with a 3% surcharge or Wise account transfer with 3% surcharge. 

The remaining balance can be paid in cash or by one of the methods listed above upon arrival. 


From my videos and pictures, hopefully, you have realised that I am a face-in sex worker, which means that I deliberately do not show any identifying features in my advertising (i.e., tattoos or my face). This is an intentional decision. There are many reasons I have chosen to be face-in, namely for the stigma that many in the sex industry face, as well as discrimination, privacy and safety issues, compromised international travel, and jeopardising my ability to return home. So, if you ask me to send you identifying pictures, I might chuck a brick at you. 

But what about a client’s privacy? Discretion is understandably very important to most clients, which is why I will only ever contact you in regards to a booking request you have made or if you have subscribed to my tour updates. Any personal information obtained is purely required for my screening procedures. Your privacy is not more important than my safety. Rest assured your information is for my eyes only in order for me to determine whether or not I choose to see you as a client. No one else has access to this information, please read my T & Cs for more details. I have no interest in destroying someone’s marriage, family, or career, that would be detrimental to both my personal and professional life and just an all-around shitbag thing to do. 


You might not know, but Australia is pretty amazing and I am very grateful to live here at the moment and work in this industry when 4 out of the 5 only decriminalised jurisdictions in the whole world are in this country. Decriminalisation of sex work is the most efficacious working model for the sex industry giving workers the same protection, rights, and recognition as in other industries. It is also the most valid model to help fight against trafficking and exploitation.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, so, for more information on sex work in Australia and how you can help the decriminalisation process, please check out the following organisations: 


Screening helps me decide if I want you as a client. Sex workers all undertake screening differently, so, please respect all requests made in regard to this topic, it is not a personal attack, it is a method that keeps me and my fellow sex workers safe. Screening methods I use range from your approach to your booking enquiry to deposits as well as your phone number, a copy of your photo ID (picture and name only need to be shown), and references from other sex workers you have seen. I will let you know after I have received your booking request which screening method will be sufficient. If you are not comfortable complying with my screening requirements I will be unable to accommodate you as a client, my safety is not negotiable.


Unfortunately, the multitude of jurisdictional advertising rules means that I cannot explicitly discuss what I include in my full services on my ads or on this website. So, please, contact me directly via my booking form for a more in-depth description. What I can say is that the two services I offer are essentially different “vibes”. GFE is a passionate, genteel intimate experience, and PSE is… dirty. Multiple orgasms (in 45min+ bookings) and multiple positions are welcome in all experiences. 

There are distinctly different activities that I include in each experience, but I am not a fan of listing all things under the sun that we could do because there are some things I do not offer until I have met someone in person, and may cost extra. Lists also feel restrictive and unauthentic to me. So, if there is a very specific activity you are interested in, just ask me and I will let you know if I am offering it and the conditions I offer it under. 

If you are attracted to me based on how I have presented myself on my ads and website then rest assured what you see is what you get. I pride myself on being unapologetically authentic, you are spending time with me, not a fake persona. As such, as a general rule, I don’t do roleplays, so, if you are wanting me to play a particular personality, then I am not your girl, I just want to be me. Furthermore, I don’t really take outfit requests beyond the style that I advertise and I don’t pack too much with me, so, if there is something you’re specifically after then I need plenty of notice to make sure I pack it with me or you may have to pay extra for it if it is not already in my wardrobe. Please refrain from requests regarding how I wear my hair, or do makeup, I dress appropriately for the occasion with my own style, I am not a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. 

These are some things I do not offer: 

  • Group sex
  • Couples
  • Hard fingering/trying to make me squirt
  • Filming, photography, voice, online or any digital content recording of any kind
  • Hair pulling
  • The use of dildos on me
  • Hickeys or any marks left on my body or face
  • Unprotected sex
  • Anything involving vomit, spit, poop, or blood.
  • Anything involving or roleplaying people under the age of 18 or animals
  • Tongue-sucking, face-licking, or tongue-only kissing