I have attempted to be concise and direct throughout the crucial aspects of my site, demonstrating my lived experience that most cis, heterosexual men don’t read the finer details when there is a conflict in the direction of their blood supply. So, I’ve designated this page as a space to articulate myself in more detail so you can get a little more of a feel for me and hopefully answer any FAQ you may have. If you find that after reading through my ramblings, you are still unclear about anything or have some specific questions that haven’t been answered, shoot me a message on my rendezvous page.


Some suitors raise the question of my authenticity due to previous experiences. I have invested much time, energy, and money into curating my brand with this website, photo shoots, etc. It is not in my financial interest to scam people—worst business plan ever.

If you are interested in me based on how I have presented myself, I want you to know that what you see is what you get. I take pride in being unapologetically myself. As such, please don’t make outfit requests beyond the style I’ve curated. 


I am only available for dates when I am on a trip; therefore, if you submit a request for a date and a location that is not advertised, you will be disappointed. To save yourself that dickache, read my current trip schedule.

My experience page lists my regular dating hours (9 am – 7 pm). Whilst sometimes these hours are flexible, to be the best version of myself, having set hours allows me to do all the things I require to be happy and healthy in mind and body, such as exercising, eating well, watching shit TV, talking to my family, hanging out with friends, doing absolutely nothing, and sleeping, I love sleeping. 


Travelling is exciting and fun as I get to be in different cities and meet new people frequently. However, it does involve a significant investment (especially on my international trips): flights, accommodation, etc. As I only travel for short periods, my time is limited and I welcome same-day dates, so I must ensure the authenticity of enquiries to avoid losses. Therefore, I require a deposit as security for all dates. Due to my limited time and the volume of enquiries I receive, the deposit methods I accept must be instant. Otherwise, I will not accept the date until the funds are in my account. All deposit options are discreet and have an unassuming business or platform name. 

For Australian lovers, these are the 30 – 50% deposit options I offer:

  • OSKO bank transfer
  • Beem it (a free app owned by the big 4 Australian banks. It allows free, instant, nonreversible payments) like Venmo
  • Credit and debit card payment link with surcharge


For international lovers who do not have an Australian bank account or access to the Beem it app, my 50% deposit methods are a credit/debit card payment link + surcharge or e-commerce site + surcharge. 

I know that this deposit seems high… but hear me out:

1) Travelling internationally with cash is difficult, and I don’t want to spend my money just to mitigate the risk. I hate spending money unless it’s on my investments, properties, surfboards or holidays. 

2) I completely understand your hesitation regarding deposits. However, deposits are part of my screening for my safety; I will not meet someone for an intimate date without some assurances. It also demonstrates a commitment on your part and serves to secure the allocation of my limited time in case you change your mind or do a no-show. 

Upon arrival, the remaining considerations can be settled in cash or by one of the above methods.

P.S. To my international lovers who settle considerations 70%+ digitally; I love you. 

P.P.S. I do not accept offers of shopping as a consideration. 


First impressions are essential, so please consider this when you contact me. Your language and behaviour determine your character and whether you appeal to me. If you are a new suitor and are on this website, the best way to contact me is through my website’s contact form. There is nothing sexier than seeing that form filled out. Frothing. 

Once you’ve submitted an enquiry through my website, I’ll promptly respond to you via SMS or WhatsApp, depending on the number you’ve provided. This communication will be to confirm all the details and secure a date with a deposit.

FYI, I don’t answer calls. No conversation is ever needed to organise a date with me as all the information you require is on my ads, on this website, or can be clarified via a message. If I ever need to discuss a date, I will initiate it. Unfortunately, some people will still insist on calling me, so my phone is permanently silent. 


Squishy and sweet, ignore the hard part. Whether brief or a slow burn, we are going to have fun. 

Dates up to three hours are hosted privately at my place, and four-hour dates are roughly split evenly between public and private. The latter is an excellent opportunity for you to take control or, let me surprise you. We don’t have to go to a restaurant; let’s grab a coffee, walk around aimlessly, ruin a tourist’s selfie, check out a gallery, fake a house inspection, complete a dessert version of a pub crawl, or whatever tickles our fancy.

I do love food, though; who doesn’t? There’s a reason it’s a vital part of our limbic system, so if dining is your thing, I love trying all types of cuisines, and there is no expectation of spend; take me to a secret hole in the wall or splurge. I cook and eat vegan daily but will eat vegetarian if the vegan options are limited to a tomato. Confession: I fucking love seafood, but I limit my consumption to once a month. I also love tomatoes.

P.S. I don’t expect you to mirror my dietary needs.

P.P.S. Some of the worst meals of my life have been at three-starred Michelin restaurants, one in particular in San Sebastián. I thought I was the only one taking crazy pills, watching everyone gush over the texturally deficient flavourless foam. 

P.P.P.S. I don’t drink, so please don’t try to wine and dine me with grape juice that burns, but I make a great personal cheerleader.


People of all abilities are welcome, though it is a good idea to disclose this in your initial enquiry so I can better prepare. Communication is necessary to ensure, where appropriate, that I have access for you and understand your limits (physical, nonverbal, sight, sound, etc) and any concerns or desires you may have. 


Presents are never expected, so please don’t feel you need to bring me anything. Your company is all I desire. However, I am routinely asked how I would like to be spoilt. Oh my… if you’re in a particularly good mood with me, a Porsche 911T, green, pretty please. If that’s beyond the budget, I’m pretty simple: I like money. Shocking, I know. But let me explain: I love the freedom of choice money allows. As many of my lovers know, I wouldn’t say I like shopping and am annoyingly picky. So, on my “cadeaux” page, you’ll find an icon for my Beem it and its QR code, where you’ll most likely be sponsoring one of my fluffy cows, my horses, an adventure, or a new surfboard. But if you’re hell-bent on holding me down and spoiling me, I won’t object (much). 


Unfortunately, many jurisdictional rules prevent me from explicitly discussing my dating experiences. So, please contact me directly via my contact form for a more in-depth discussion. 

I am not a fan of listing all the things we could do because our interactions depend on our chemistry. Lists also feel restrictive and unauthentic to me. So, if you are interested in a particular activity, just ask me, and I will let you know if I am into it and under what conditions I offer it. 

I don’t take outfit requests beyond my advertised style. If there is something you’re specifically after, I need plenty of notice to make sure I pack it, or you may have to organise it if it is not already in my wardrobe. 


I speak English and French; however, I do not speak French with suitors as it is my family’s preferred language.


I am not “based” anywhere. Currently, these are the main cities that I travel to: Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I hope to get to NZ in the next year; watch this space. 


Hopefully, you have realised from my videos and pictures that I am face-in, which means I deliberately do not show any identifying features (e.g., tattoos or my face). This is an intentional decision. There are many reasons I have chosen to be face-in, namely for the stigma, discrimination, privacy, safety, compromised travel, and jeopardisation of returning home. So, if you ask me to send you identifying pictures, I might chuck a brick at you. 

But what about a lover’s privacy? Discretion is essential to most people, so I will only ever contact you regarding a booking request you have made or if you have subscribed to my tour updates. Any personal information obtained is purely required for my screening procedures. Your privacy is not more important than my safety. Rest assured, your information is for my eyes only, and no one else can access it; please read my T & Cs for more details. I have no interest in destroying someone’s marriage, family, or career; that would be detrimental to both my personal and professional life and just an all-around shitbag thing to do. 


Screening helps me decide if I want to meet you. Please respect all requests made regarding this topic; it is not a personal attack but a method that keeps me safe. Screening methods I use range from your approach to your enquiry to deposits, your phone number, a copy of your photo ID (picture and name only need to be shown), and references from other companions you have seen. After receiving your request, I will inform you which screening method will be sufficient. If you are uncomfortable complying with my screening requirements, I cannot accommodate you as a potential suitor.