August 8th 2023
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, what first captivated my imagination was Morgan’s gallery. Reading through her website only confirmed that this was someone I would very much wish to see. Correspondence with her was warm, professional, articulate, and she was more than accommodating with my particular interests. Time and deposit arranged, I eagerly awaited our rendezvous. I arrived at her centrally located, well appointed incall and followed her concise directions to make my way up. Remember that gallery I mentioned? She opened the door and immediately it was men in blacked from my mind as her natural beauty humbled any photo. Our time together was relaxed, funny, engaging. She made me feel most welcome, most comfortable in expressing myself and enjoying to the fullest. Before departing, I asked if she would kindly let me know next time she was in town. Since, I’ve had the pleasure of her company on a number of occasions. Each memorable in its own way, each leaving me feeling thoroughly indulged. Keenly do I anticipate the next such moment. x
August 3rd 2023
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I’ve been extremely lucky to have seen Chasing Morgan for some time now whilst touring, her beauty both inner and outer is beyond comprehension, she’s always fun and happy to talk with, very intelligent, kind and provides an amazing service, she has allowed me to make suggestions and grow our bookings into more daring experiences, Always looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend spending time with this diamond of a lady, longer booking’s are even better. Thanks, Chasing Morgan, till next time.
February 10th 2023
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On the strength of excellent PP reviews during her Aussie interstate tour, I booked Morgan for a three-hour session in Singers during her recent SG/HK tour. In hindsight I thought she looked like a candidate for a surfing wetsuit shoot, with the advantage of actually looking like and/or being a surfer in addition to gorgeous knockers and a superb arse; she sounded very familiar with the major breaks in Europe. Definitely, North American, might or might not be Septic, personally, I'd prefer if she actually was Canuck or much better still Quebecoise; she certainly can communicate (write) in French but claims not to speak it with clients for her own understandable reasons.

Echoing previous reviewers, the vibe that I had for the entire session was that of a fantastic sex buddy, a great conversationalist, and sharp as a whip. I had DATY and Morgan was probably amongst the best that I'd ever tasted. I only had a couple of shots but for me, I booked this experience as much for the convo/"chem" as it was for the sex; my second wind was great, finally came in doggy. Like a flashback dating an American surfer burd with gorgeous knockers and superb arse, except without an annoying Valley Girl accent. As someone previously noted, her lack of lip filler made her stand out from the pack, kissing her I could really believe that I was back in my early 20s...

WIR - before I reached my hotel, I already had in mind my future fantasy booking with her: a long weekend jaunt to say Bali, maybe staying at the W Seminyak, with the right kind of beginner/intermediate surf (I'm way out of practice/form in my 50s) to work up the bedroom passions... Next time maybe I'll talk shop more about real-world finance/business than P4P gossip. Better yet, I'd pay a good extra just to have us speak in French for as much of the booking as I can manage... Gaaahddaaaayaaam! If Morgan only deigned to communicate in French, I'd rate her better than Fifi, Melbourne's own Francophone icon. Odd that the most memorable SWs I've had "from" Aus were non-Aussies.
February 1st 2023
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Wonderful to catch up for Fun with CM on her last Qld tour. CM welcomed me warmly and we had a fantastic intimate fun time together. I cannot speak more highly of CM as a lover and a genuine down to earth natural girl. We had a wonderful quality time together and could not recommend CM more highly enough. If you are fortunate enough to catch up with CM, treat her well and with respect as I believe CM is a Gem and will make a big effort to catch up for fun again.
November 17th 2022
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I was itching for some private action the last few weeks. Somehow my hand went to the keyboard to check what was new and punting luck gifted the Morgan this time to me.

Photos and grammar looked legit, quick check on PP and found all positive reviews on her previous interstate tours. Why not give it a shot, and in literally 5 mins booking was confirmed. Very stress and fuss-free process for clients who value privacy.

Photos really do not do her justice. When she opens the door you'll see a small lovely face completed by a perfectly proportioned body. Perkiest ever natural true C's, round and tight bottom. Nothing fancy with activewear on, near to no makeup, a real blonde a true girl from next door. Meet and greet with a sexy American accent, quickly business and shower sorted.

She's a great conversationalist, sincere, and highly educated girl who makes the pillow talk easier. Part-time touring away from QLD. Her first tour in Melbourne because of the lockdowns etc. but she already has plans to make the next one. Unlucky for those who missed on her this time.

Overall solid random midday punt with a decent, honest, and great-looking girl. I'd defo go for her again if I'm lucky enough to see her around here.
October 7th 2022
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I see the beautiful Morgan every time she comes to Brisbane. Generally about once a month. I have been seeing her now for about a year now. I have only missed one of her visits in that time.

Morgan is definitely the full package. An absolute goddess and a queen of the sheets. From the very first visit, it has always felt like I have known her forever. She is funny, highly intelligent, so easygoing, and extremely accommodating.

If you think Morgan’s pictures are great, wait until she opens the door. You will be pleasantly surprised. Morgan doesn’t wear makeup. With her striking natural beauty, it’s just not necessary. Then when she gets naked. Oh my goodness, sexy as fuck. She sports a killer natural body and knows how to use it, every bit of it. Morgan is equipped with an insatiable, curvy ass like no other. So be very careful. I imagine it must be responsible for sending a few good men to the dressing room very early.

I look forward to my monthly rendezvous with Morgan. They seem to make the troubles of the world disappear. She always sends me on my way completely fulfilled, with a smile on my dial, a skip in my step, and a yearning to return.

Please afford Morgan the respect and manners she deserves. She is one incredibly beautiful human being.
September 4th 2022
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It was a last-minute arrangement and Morgan was great with her communication via texts. She arrived at the CBD hotel in casual clothing - as per my request. Our booking was for two hours and they were heavenly.

We started off with indulging in a cake, some mutual massage, and into the fun part. Morgan has a fantastic body and she knows how to use it. After the first round, we headed for the bath together. And after the bath, out and on round two. This was a bit more relaxed and passionate with a lot of foreplay - touching and kissing.

Morgan is curvy and athletic. She is fantastic at making you feel at ease. Conversation flowed naturally throughout the session and there was never an awkward moment.
January 16th 2024
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Morgan is just the fun, sun-touched surfer blonde everyone peers at the beach with an insatiable appetite for getting down. Away from the bedroom, she is just so cool, you could just chat about anything with her and she engages with you just like a friend you've had for years, the energy just flows. If you get the chance to see her, don't walk, run....